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Our hire quote price normally takes around 24 hours or in  rare circumstances can take upto 72 hours – please allow 48 hours for us to get back in touch with you once you complete the online quote form.

A 20% deposit of your received quote is required to secure your booking dates and time slot, if we do not receive a deposit we cannot secure your selected dates as the flat deposit initiates commitment on both ends.

Our ride hires are totally dependent on availability however we do make bookings based on a first come first serve basis and will only commit what we have available on the dates you select.

Depending on the ride you want to hire the minimum you can expect from us is a lorry or 2 containing your ride which is broken into parts for easier access(we send you over dimensions required for access, ground level etc). We also provide the workforce to assemble the ride and the operator who will stay with the ride throughout your event. The operator will also complete mandatory safety checks on the ride each morning.

As long as we can gain access and the ground level is flat we complete everything else that is required.

Yes our rides can go indoors aslong as we can access it with 9ft and 15ft high artic lorries which can drive through to the location of setup required, some smaller rides can be carried through but this will require an extra fee as more work staff would be required for lifting and transportation.

Buy cheap buy twice, ever hear that before? Simply put cheap doesn’t mean quality, our rides are maintained to a high standard and our staff provide the upmost customer service. 

All our equipment is safety inspected and tested by ADIPS yearly. It is also covered by public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Yearly and daily maintenance of the ride to keep it in pristine condition does not come cheap, so as to provide you with the best quality ride hire and an amazing experience with friendly knowledgeable staff we prefer quality over price and customers should expect this with the price.

Quite simply our reputation is on the line and we do not like to disappoint, if we can not guarantee our arrival we simply will not accept the booking and as an incentive we provide recognised and legal documents for all our work which makes sure we stick to our word and provides you with peace of mind.

Yes our rides can come equipped with there own power supply using a generator (these are not suitable for indoor use). We literally provide everything needed to set up, operate, dismantle and depart from your event.

No, however we do know operators that can do this for you so simply complete the quote form as normal and mention this within the description and our team will get you in touch with someone who can and will. 

The Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) involves a series of pre-use and in-service inspections, and applies to all fairground rides, amusement devices and inflatable devices.

ADIPS ensures that amusement devices are checked for safety before they are first used and on the periodic basis required to assess their ability to operate safely throughout their working life.

ADIPS is managed by the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC) which comprises all Major Industry Trade Associations and is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

All our rides get this annual check up which includes electrics, welding joints, and general checks.  once passed we get issued with a ADIPS doc on each ride.

Copies of these are supplied with bookings.

For more details on ADIPS

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